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The first chassis I bulit under MadMaoriRacing, was based on a TT01 donor car, this took me a few design changes to get a something that I was happy with, both in strength and in minimum weight. It was named 'The Green Machine'.
This chassis was purchased by ROLLY from Hawkes Bay, when I took it for a testing run in the Bay. He was so impressed that he took it on the spot. He campaigned the 07 Nats with it, coming a respectable 5th.

I had a couple of Kyosho Pure Ten EP3's, so they were the next donor cars, 1 was purchased by Ian from Big Boys RC in Hamilton, and the other I kepted, and Mad Maori Racing Team member, FROSTY, is using it today.



Word got around the Hawkes Bay club, so SPARKY comissioned me to build a flag racer MMR chassis, based on a TC3. Again he compaigned it at the 07 Nats.



At the Mad Maori Winter Picnic in July 07, I was approached to build a TT01 based chassis for MARCUS from Taranaki.                                            It was a flag racer, but as Marcus is a bit of a basher, as he usually races Gas cars, funnily it didnt hold up too well :(
This car was eventually sold to SPRING NINJA in Christchurch, were it was one of their quickest cars. It has been sold, but he so impressed, he purchased a new identical car



I finally decided to build a car for myself for the 07 Nats, it was based on a Xpress Junior, the problem it was TOO light, weighing only 2.4Kgs, minimum weight is 2.5Kgs, so I didn't get to use it then.


I have just recently stregthened it up to minimum weight and I ran it at the World 540s in July 08, and now this car resides in Christchurch as well.

Another TT01 car was commisioned for STEVE JOBLIN from Hamilton. This time it was built to bash.



My first delve into alternative cars came 1 weekend when I was bored, so I built a TT01 basher, as heavy and strong as a tank, but based on a spacey chassis. I made it higher than normal, good for riding over cars, or out of the track, but it's shit loads of fun. Not the best looking of cars, it was aply named 'The Turtle', by BIG T from the BOP Club.                                          



I raced it at the Manawatu Teams Champs Feb 08, at the NZ Teams Champs in May 08, and any other time I feel like having fun :-)

ROLLYs car was sold, and he requested a flag racing car based on a 3Racing TT01 Graphite donor.



This car went beyond all expectations, as it was reputedly 1 of the fastest cars in New Zealand, helping the Taupo Tornados Team get a well deserved and unexpected 3rd place at the 2008 Nz Teams Champs.

In fact BOP Club member ROCKY liked this car so much, he snapped it up when it came up for sale.

During the teams champs I was approached by NICK from Christchurch to build him a new car based on the same running gear as ROLLY's. This car is pictured below pre delivery.



Before the Teams Champs, I played around with another concept car.     Based on a HPI RS4 Rally, I built a one of a kind SuperTanker, just over half the length of a normal car, yet weighing in at under 4.5 kilo's.    



Its made totally of mild steel, and a marvel of engineering....













Its fun to drive, and goes like a cat with a fire cracker up its arse, AND it can stop a car on a dime, perfect Tank tactics.

For the 2008 National Champs, I built a new car based on a TA05 IFS



And recently BEANIE, pressured me to get off my bum, and build her a new TANK.....



On the bench is my own NEW concept tank, hehehehe


Mad Maori Racing chassis's are custom created to the donor car, not jiged, but hand built works of art.
I am fussy, and my chassis show this, and because of this, turn around time is slightly longer than with other builders, but all my customers are extremely happy with their creations.
In the end you will have 'Race Car of Distinction'.

If you would like to join the growing group of exclusive MMR Chassis owners, contact me at

Thanks for looking - madmaori